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Death Medellín vol. 2: Satanic Boogaloo

March 20, 2011

So whereas the first installment of my little primer on 80s Colombian death was a bloody toe dip into shark-infested waters, this next installment gets into some of the material that really set that scene apart.  While it’s damn near impossible to suggest that any of the bands were at all accessible or easy on the ears (to put it mildly), bands like Masacre, Nemesis, and Blasfemia were more in keeping with their heavy metal contemporaries in Europe, North America, and Japan.  What helped define Medellin’s scene, however, was a different brand of metal, one considerably more unhinged and far less reliant on what most people would consider “musical.” (continue…)


wasteface has staff!!

March 17, 2011

Word  is goin’ out to all you kids about this! wasteface now has a team of writers, so please give them some love. They are made of magic. Seriously. We’ll have some quick bios for them at some point so you can know some things about them.


Death Medellín vol. 1

March 16, 2011

Death, destruction, and desolation have been heavy metal tropes since the first bands tried to turn their amps past 10, but it can be difficult to take some of the lyrics all that seriously, especially coming from those in a relatively priveleged position in life.  When a musician’s most daunting concerns involve choosing a pizza topping or whether they can make it to the liquor store before it closes, all the blood-and-guts imagery turns into a sort of inverted escapism, a retreat from a relatively easy life into an imaginary world of pain that can sometimes come off as a little mendacious. (continue…)

Unshelved Vol. 1

March 16, 2011

‘Sup, kids? So, I’ve decided to go change the feature “Sweet Finds From Work” to “Unshelved”, because I felt that I should not limit myself to books that I find from my job. Instead, I wanted to extend it to books that are discovered from second hand book stores, thrift stores, yard sales, etc. And since we have new writers at wasteface, I think that branching out like this doesn’t leave anyone out who wants to contribute to the feature. (continue…)

Old Haunts Project: Roanoke; Downtown

March 7, 2011

Roanoke Farmer's Market

April 27th, 1996. Just four days earlier an article ran in the Roanoke Times titled “It’s a Blood Sport”, which introduced Roanoke to a new role-playing phenomenon called “Vampire: The Masquerade”. Specifically, the L.A.R.P version of the popular table-top game. (continue…)

Cerebral Acrobatics: VCU Silent Protest Part 1

March 6, 2011

These are pictures that I took of the silent protest at VCU back on November 18th of last year. I was just leaving the library, when I saw large group of students congregating over the big stone compass that lay between Cabell Library and Shafer Court. (continue…)

Old Haunts Project: Roanoke; Downtown Parking Garage

February 14, 2011


In this latest installment of “The Old Haunts Project”, I have to give props to Aaron for settin’ this one up (continue…)