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The Old Haunts Project

December 1, 2010


The “Old Haunts Project” has been something that I’ve put on the back-burner for awhile. I’ve constructed a bunch of ghost stencils, spray painted them on Fasson “Crack and Peel” paper. The idea of the project is to get a group of people to take one of the ghosts, and place the crack and peel paper adhesive side ( I use this paper to keep things legal) on somewhere that you used to hang out at as a child, teen or early adulthood. After putting said piece of guerrilla art in the area, take a picture of the ghost as a marking, and then of the place you wasted your youth in. Afterwards write a comment about the location, and send it to me via email so I can post it.


When I was back in Roanoke over Thanksgiving, I was simmering in that boredom that so plagues that city. I went into my usual creative rage that place puts me into, and started working on spray-painting the images below.


I’m pretty serious about this and I want it to be more of a collaborative project, rather than something I do on my own. I just think it’s fun to get people involved, and have something creative to do. Right now the two cities that I am concentrating on are: Roanoke and Richmond, VA. And for those involved, I think we should make it into a club. So I encourage you to come up with ghost related nicknames. I came up with the alias of: “Gregor Phantasma”. We could make T-shirts and buttons in the future.  At some point I also want to make an official website for this, but for the time being wasteface is going to be main site. If you are already involved, or you want to be involved just email me at or for any questions or suggestions.

My mind starves for creativity, and Roanoke was a good place for agitating it’s hunger.


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