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Zine Machine!

December 3, 2010

Okay, it’s been months since Richmond Zine Fest, and I’m just now posting my finds for the year. Sad, sad, sad… But hey, at least I’m putting it out there for those who were not able to enjoy the event. These are just my favorite picks out of all that I bought.  So, behold the awesomeness of zines and mini-comics!

The Brewmaster’s Castle

Matt Denbicki weaves a tale of the Senate Beer brewer Christian Heurich making his final stroll in his mansion before he passes away 1945.  Andrew Cohen does an excellent job illustrating the emotions of  Heurich as he remembers the significance of each part of the mansion.  Apparently the mansion is one of Washington DC’s best kept secrets, and Heurich built it himself. Heurich was the worlds oldest brewer and continued to run his brewery until his death at the age of 102 years old. It was an enjoyable light hearted biographical tale.


This is the zine form of the Tumblr blog Ugly. If you haven’t checked it out, then I suggest you should. The blog is a collaboration between Matt Carman and Ksenya Yarosh.  “Ugly is a collection of ugly pictures, writing, and film.”, as the blog points out. It’s not just the weird thing that they find on the interwebs that leaves me rolling on the floor, but also the witty and honest commentary about them. What drew me to this was the hypnotic gaze of the doctor on the cover. I was happy to take home some Ugly for myself. Ksenya also has a bunch of other zines on her etsy page.


Papercutter is a mini comics anthology featuring some of the best in the independent comics circuit. When I saw the cover to issue number 12 — I jumped to it! Lo and behold, one of my favorite comics artist, Nate effin’ Powell!  I enjoyed the other stories from the other creators like Joey Alison Sayers who does a parody of a newspaper comic and the industry that runs it. And the team of Mark Campos & Dalton Webb who tell the story of a broken hearted girl and the mess she gets into with a fortune teller. However the real meat of the anthology is the joint efforts of Rachel Bormann, and Nate Powell creating the piece, “The Uncomfortable Gaze of Carlos Santana”. Between Bormann’s storytelling and Powell’s artwork, they are able to put you in the seat of the awkward moment of being the victim of Santana’s  ever growing wide-eyed gaze. I completely lost it after reading this.  Amazing!

Once again because I love this picture:

Love and Rent

Poetry, Painting, Photography, Introspective Writing, Music… Love and Rent has it all. This is a zine that is put together by handful of artists and writers from Boston. I rather enjoyed the mix bag of ideas and creations. There are no links that tie into the name of the zine itself, but I found some sites that are related to to it. Such as: and


Louisville, Kentucky’s Cheyenne Hohman: Feminist, Punk, Activist, Musician, Food-Not-Bombs Volunteer, Zinester, Future Librarian, and all around interesting person. NCKMONSTER #9 is the latest of Hohman’s personal zine. I totally dig her way of writing, and now I want to go back and read the previous issues.

Arty Party

This is now the second comic I’ve seen featuring Joeseph Bueys. What was the first? Well…. Arty Party is the work of artists Sara Drake, and James Payne. They are single panel comics like the ones you usually find in the Funnies , but they come with esoteric jokes about the artist that are highlighted. I really liked the artwork. It’s almost as if they were inspired by the Nicktoons of Joe Murray and Klasky-Csupo.

And for the ones that I missed…

Also, the really kickin’ poster for Richmond Zine Fest!

Thanks to all who organized the event and who I received zines from. Everyone was really nice and would bargain the price with me if needed. If I failed to mention anyone, I apologize, and I encourage everyone to go to the Richmond Zine Fest site to see the rest of the creators that tabled this year.

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